DIY Chunky Knit Blanket Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will give you easy steps to follow in making your own chunky knitted blanket. This tutorial is perfect for beginners who do not know how to knit.

I am sure you have seen these beautiful and inviting chunky knit blankets around recliners of friends homes. These chunky knit blankets quickly won the hearts of many home decor lovers. You can see them everywhere. However, these chunky knitted blankets end up to be so expensive, and I would not even think of paying $200-$400 for a blanket. So, I decided to make my own chunky knitted blanket.

As I was browsing the internet looking for merino wool, I discovered that this, too, was expensive, ranging from $200-$300 excluding the shipping fee.

I lost hope and I had to accept that my home will be the only home without chunky knit blankets.

One day, I was out shopping at Michael’s and my eyes were set on a beautiful set of yarn. It looked and felt so much like wool. I bought a few and I was determined to make my very own chunky knitted blanket.

I want these blankets so bad, but I don’t know how to knit. That didn’t stop me from finding a way to make my own. After a few trial and errors, I learned how to knit using my hands. This method is easy; anyone can do it and there’s no knitting experience needed.

My vision of having a beautiful chunky knit blanket in my couch came true. I am even happier because I made it. Off course, I knew I needed to share how to make your own chunky knitted blankets. Using photos to teach you is tedious and confusing.  I created a YouTube video on how you can knit using your hands and how to create your own chunky knitted blanket. In the video, I will teach you everything you need to know about making your own chunky knitted blankets. I will share the details about the size and the type of yarn I used to make the blanket.

I hope this tutorial helped you. Feel free to share the video with anyone whom you think might need it.

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