DIY Fiber Art

I am very thrilled to share with you today’s post. I previously shared pictures of our bedroom which looked rough, but in the last few months, we have made lots of changes. I decided to go for a low-key interior with a neutral vibe. I also want to decorate the room in an unconventional way using a lot of texture.

I want to add a piece of art above our bed and I was looking at different options. I decided to go for a heart marquee with glitters, but as I was browsing a Jonathan Alder book, I found a beautiful tassel art.

I did not waste any time, I went to a craft store and bought tons of pretty yarns to make tassels.

The good thing about doing DIY art and stuff is that it is made to fit perfectly the way you want it.  I used a painter’s tape to measure the size of my tassel art and mark it off on the wall. Know the size of your artwork before buying supplies.


  • Wooden dowel rod (should be larger than the desired width)
  • Medium weight and chunky yarn (The amount of yarn you will use will depend on the size of your tassel art)
  • Latch hook mat
  • Pair of scissors
  • Sturdy neutral string (This will be used to hang the tassel art)


  • Make tassels. Try to make a few tassels, and then use them to estimate the tassels you would need. Tassels can consume a lot of time to prepare; you can watch your favorite TV shows while you make them. You can make tassels with same length and thickness, but you can also randomly make them.

You can use different colors and types of yarns. You can go for a multicolored tassel or a single colored tassel.

  • Cut the hook mat to fit your measurements in the wall. Tie the tassels on the hook mat using yarns.
  • Using your fingers or, if you have, a latch hook, poke pieces of chunky yarns through the holes until it looks full. It does not have to be perfect; just poke the yarns into the latch hook randomly. If your yarn is thick, skip every other hole.
  • Hang the tassel and fill in the spots that look thin.

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