DIY Faux Latch Wall Hanging

I love to craft with yarns. Every day, I always challenge myself to find different ways to craft with yarns. This method for a home DIY tip faux latch wall hanging was made because of my desire to make a latch hook piece. But as I think of the time it would take to hook and loop each thread, I know it will not work for me. So instead, I made tassels.


  • Chunky yarn (any color)
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Round wood surface (unfinished)


  • Make tassels. Make your tassels short so that they look like individual strands. Wrap the yarn around your fingers 10 times. Remove the yarn from your fingers carefully. Tie a 5-inch yarn through the loop of the strands of yarn and then cut the opposite side.
  • At the bottom of your wood round, assemble your tassels to the way you want it. Once you have assembled the tassels, glue the top of your tassels on the wood surface.
  • Once all tassels are glued on the surface, cut any strands to even up the edges.
  • Attach a picture bracket to the back of the screws and then hang it on the wall.

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