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Simple Tips when Designing Your Own T-Shirt

Aside from being a fun activity that challenges your creative skills, designing your own custom t shirts can also save you a lot of money or even help you earn some if you decided to sell them out. Whatever your choice is between printing your t-shirt and sending it to a professional instead, you can still create a design even if you are home.

Planning a Design Layout

When planning your preferred design layout, the first thing you should think about is what your design will be going to represent. It may be a band, your favorite team from your favorite sports, or even your favorite artist or celebrity. You can also use your own design if you want.


The next thing to ponder about is choosing your desired color scheme. If your design has text, you need to know how to choose the right colors for both the text and the t-shirt. There are actually existing t-shirt design apps that you can use where it will allow you to match the colors perfectly.

You need to know and understand the importance of color contrast. Setting the color contrast level is a good idea in order to produce a pleasing final work. You need to remember that there are actually certain ink colors that will appear lighter or even darker in the computer screen but are completely different if they are already printed in the t-shirts.


You also need to know about the design dimensions. Once you have already chosen the colors that will look good for your design, the next thing you should decide about is its dimension. You can create depth in your design by using a color that is one shade below the color you use. This will help brighten up and emphasize your design.


After the theme, color, and dimension, the next thing to think about is the placement of your design in your t-shirt. You need to think carefully about the placement of the design so that you wouldn’t ruin it. It can be an image on exactly the center, lower left, or lower right. Try placing your designs on different areas and see where it looks best.

When it comes to location, you should also remember that printing multiple pictures at the same time will cost you higher than printing just a single image. Therefore, you should also consider your budget when deciding about this factor.


Do you want to have a background for your design or just leave an empty space surrounding your design? If you want to emphasize your design by removing the background color, there are already existing software and tools for you to use.

Final Thoughts

Designing your own t-shirt will require you to have realistic expectations. While there are color photo printers that offer a high-quality image, you don’t just expect that the same thing will happen if you print using a garment printer. Whatever printer you use, the color saturation and accuracy may sometimes don’t meet your expectations. However, with the right understanding of color contrast, everything will work out in the end.

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