Clothes Out of Marijuana

Making Clothes Out of Marijuana

Most people don’t know that marijuana can be put into good use. Many Brands like are very well aware about that and doing continuous research on it. For a long period of time, the plant has been portrayed to be destructive to humanity. However, the marijuana plant can be put into good use in the manufacture of clothes. Many years have passed by without getting a material that can make strong and long lasting clothes. Well, marijuana is the remedy to the query. Marijuana is natural and doesn’t need a lot of work to make different types of clothes. The clothes made from hemp have proven to be of high quality.

How is hemp useful?

Most of the textile companies have preferred the use of hemp fibers to produce several types of clothes. This is because it’s easier to work with hemp than any other materials. Hemp is not only used to make clothes but also other products. It serves as substitute linen since the by-products allow air to pass through that’s why it’s perfect for areas with high temperatures. The hemp is also used to make suede products, towels, and jackets. The most popular product made from hemp is hemp jeans.

Characteristics of products made from hemp

The following are the main features of clothes and other products made from the hemp fibers:


Hemp clothes don’t wear out easily. Actually, they get tough as time goes by. However, the clothes made from hemp become softer and adjustable as time goes on, thus increasing durability. Most users have acknowledged that their clothes do last long.

Antibacterial in nature

The hemp plant is known to have an anti-bacterial factor. Thus, clothes made from the hemp fibers can’t accommodate bacteria.

Fire resistant

The hemp products are able to withstand heat and high temperatures than any other materials used in making of clothes. Its known for staying longer before catching up the fire. Therefore, hemp clothes can be categorized as the best in making household items like bed sheets.

Types of clothes made from the hemp plant

Clothing companies are making several items from hemp. The following are the types of clothes made by textile industries using the hemp:

The Cannabis Shoes from Nike

Who would have thought that Nike makes some of its shoes from the hemp? Nike is one of the leading companies in the shoe industry. It’s currently completely making shoes from hemp. They cost around 1 hundred euros per pair.

Spaniards working shoes

Due to the strength and resistance of the hemp material, many Spaniard workers have opted to the use of the hemp shoes.

The famous brands from Naturellement Chanvre

Naturellement Chanvre makes their soft jeans from the hemp. They choose hemp because of the unique characteristics associated with its products.

The Hermes

Hermes is a French company that specializes in the production of hemp clothing.  It started manufacturing their clothes from hemp in 2008.

The Conscious Collection

The H&M Conscious company started producing dresses and T-shirts made from hemp in 2016.

Therefore, finding materials made from hemp is a common phenomenon in today ’s textile market. Most textile companies have adopted the use of hemp. However, you should not worry about passing a drug test because of wearing hemp products. They wouldn’t affect you.

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