Artist Turns Mold and Bacteria Inspiration

Artist Turns Mold and Bacteria Inspiration into Unique Art Pieces

You wouldn’t believe that an artist from Bristol, England would be inspired by re-creating petri dishes that are filled with mold and bacteria. Most people comes to are reluctant to see such things, but Elin Thomas sees the beauty in the mundane. She has been through a lot of art exhibitions starting from the early 2000s and these unique art pieces that she offers today made her recognized once again.

Her techniques in making this wonderful petri dish art involve crocheting, felting, and embroidery. The unique art pieces are carefully placed in a cute eight-inch glass dish that is filled with fibrous materials including felt that are hand-sewn together, and, at the top, she glues the crocheted art resembling a mold.

The artist also creates accessories that are also mold and bacteria-inspired. You will really appreciate her creations just by looking at it. Also, she personally crochets all her art pieces and finds inspiration by copying nature.

Her purses are also a stand out amongst the usual handbags that we see everywhere. She also used felt and crocheted molds to make these purses. The result is impressively beautiful. You can clearly see how elaborate the artist is when making her pieces.

In addition to the petri dishes and accessories that she offers her customers, she also makes adorable and cutesy pincushions that you’ll think twice to poke with your needles. How amazing is that?

Her wearable art is such a statement piece that it’s impossible not to be curious about how it was made. Her abstract art background has helped her ponder and create these quirky creations that made her recognized by the art world. To some people, it may seem like this was a disgusting idea, but, for Elin Thomas, her creations speak more than what people would find icky in nature and made something that people will like and eventually love.

Elin absolutely demonstrated how artists nowadays should do their craft. Something weird and disgusting can turn out to have a great outcome.

The combination of colors that she chooses for her art pieces exemplifies and says a lot about her skill as an artist. The needlework that she does to make the hair-like strands are very intricate that it almost looks like the real thing.

Her exhibition pieces are very minimalistic in nature. It mostly involves blue and grey as the base colors yet these chosen colors still expounds the beauty that a mold’s peculiarity has. At first glance, her work may seem like a regular moldy dish, but when you take a good look at it again, you’ll see that the moldy parts are crocheted pieces put together by the talented artist.

It definitely takes a lot of hard work and time to make this kind of art. The fibers alone are meticulously made using needles to achieve a hair-like structure. Indeed, It’s amazing how one can make the revolting sight of mold turn into beautiful pieces of art and be perceived as something that is pleasing to the eyes.

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