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How to Clean Your Art Studio

Your art studio is a place where you produce your well-crafted artworks. That said, you’ll need a clear and peaceful mind for that. However, it would be hard to achieve if your art studio is very unorganized and untidy. That’s why maidjustright suggest to include cleaning your art studio on your next general house cleaning session.

Here are some ways to help you:


An unorganized studio has several disadvantages such as the difficulty to find necessary things and hindered creativeness. Therefore, you need to reorganize your things to avoid such situations. You can make use of recyclable cups, shoe boxes, or invest in an organizer. Moreover, while you’re in the process of organizing your things, you might even stumble upon the lost things you have been looking for in a while.

Throw Away Empty Stuff

Identify some things in your art studio that can no longer be used such as empty spray cans. It’s much better if you can find ways to recycle them rather than just putting them in the trash directly. These unwanted things are one of the most notorious culprits for a messy and unorganized studio.

Donate Unwanted Items

You may have bought a lot of art materials and realized later on that you don’t actually need all of them. They’re just taking precious space in your art studio, so why not donate them? You can give them away to fellow artists, community centers, and organizations that accept art supplies as well as local schools in your town.

Sell Profitable Materials

If you prefer to make a profit out of your unused materials, you can sell them to someone you know or sell them online. There are a lot of online platforms that allow you to sell your items such as Craigslist and Amazon. If you have too many unused materials, you can opt to sell them as one item instead.

Reassess Forgotten and Unfinished Artworks

Unfinished artworks also take a lot of space in your art studio. Try to assess which ones you want to finish and which ones you want to move on from. Those that you decide to move on from should be taken away or stored in another room in your house to clear up more space. However, it’s much better to store them in another room rather than throwing them away – just in case you find the motivation to finish them.

Clean Up

After you’ve cleared away some things and materials in your art studio, you might then realize that there are a lot of paint stains and smudges around. Therefore, take the time to scrub any stained surfaces on your art studio.

You can use hard bristled brushes and rags soaked in a solution of water and liquid detergent soaps to remove hard stains. Don’t forget to look under the tables for pieces of paper or misplaced things.


You should consider your art studio like a temple or a sacred place as it’s the place wherein you can create wonders that most people can only imagine.

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