Design And Make A Customized Backpack

How to Design And Make A Customized Backpack

Are you tired of always seeing the same designs of backpacks in the market? Have you longed for a perfect one, one made just for you? If yes, then you must check out for unique collection.

Learn how to design, see and create a special backpack perfect for all your needs.

The sewing machine used for this tutorial is the walking foot industrial sewing machine. However, it is possible to use a consumer type of sewing machine, as long as the fabrics are chosen appropriately.

Steps to Creating a Customized Backpack

  1. Know The Materials You Need

Here is a sample list that was used to create a customized backpack:

  • 2 yards of Cordura fabric – alternatively, leather, canvas or non-stretch velvet fabric can be used
  • 2 yards of nylon fabric (ripstop) – or a fabric with a similar weight
  • 4 yards of 1” nylon webbing
  • 1-yard seatbelt webbing of 2” size
  • 5 yards of webbing binding tape, 1” size
  • 5 yards of sports mesh type fabric
  • 5 yards of Volara foam, closed cell type, 1/8th inch size
  • 2x aluminum buckles, 1” size
  • 1x quick-release buckle, 2” size
  • 2x 1.25” D-rings
  • 5x 2” Velcro
  • 1x 12” zipper

It is advisable that you use the same hardware as those listed above. However, if you choose to substitute a few on the list with other materials, ensure that the widths of the webbing remain the same size.

  1. Design Your Backpack

This is the coolest part, so use your creativity!

What do you love most about backpacks? What do you want to change? What specific things do you want your backpack to carry? Do you like many small pockets? Is your main goal plenty of space?

  1. Draw Your Design

Your drawing doesn’t have to be perfect, a rough sketch would do just fine.

The drawing is for your guidance and understanding. It will help you adjust your measurements and the potential hitches you may encounter before you start to see your backpack together. It will also make it easier to play around with different ideas and patterns of backpacks before you choose the best.

A good guide is to draw your designs in different orthographic views. Draw all sides and different perspectives.

  1. Decide The Color Scheme

Remember to be unique and creative. Choose colors that complement each other – and reflect your style, too!

  1. Plan The Construction Process

It is the first step to actually creating the backpack.

It is recommended that you create the exploded view of your design – pull apart the backpack, layer by layer, in the specific order.

Next, imagine that the parts you have drawn in the exploded view ate flat pieces of fabric.

Determine how much you would need, the parts that will be cut out, and the exact dimensions of your backpack. It is better to plan with slightly bigger dimensions, that way you can easily modify the backpack if it is too big.

  1. Create A Prototype

Translate your drawing designs into a prototype made out of paper.

Make sure you use color pencils, so you will get an accurate representation of what your backpack will look like.

A helpful tip is to mark the different pieces of paper properly so you do not mistake a vital piece for scrap paper!

Also, make sure you make symmetrical centered curves. It will help with the accuracy of your design.

Lastly, use your prototype to edit your design drawings. What parts do not work? Do you like the color scheme? Do you need to create a new design and prototype?

  1. Create Your Customized Backpack

Once you are happy with your prototype, you can move on to the real deal!

Begin by cutting all the fabric pieces you need, and placing them on a flat surface. Put them (and all the other pieces you need) in an organized order. It will help the creation process to go smoothly.

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