Technical Fabric Export

China Working Towards Increasing Technical Fabric Export

China’s export market has significantly increased over the years. The cheongsam market is expected to realize further growth after the government said that they will work with the local producers to increase the textile export market. Currently, China boasts of 30% of the textile and fabric market in the world, making it the highest producer in the globe. Chinese fabrics are one of the best in the world.

Despite the massive production, China’s local market consumes 90% of the products leaving only 10% for export. This has been blamed as one of the factors that drag economic development and prevent the overall active development of China.

Supply and Demand

The economic decline that affected China, especially in 2013 and 2014 affected the demand for local products forcing producers to search for a market outside China. The government subsidizes production drawing criticism from other nations, including the United States who are saying China of creating an unfair advantage in the competition for the China market as well as in the international market. These factors have forced the local producers to consider the export market where China is expected to increase imports to 25%.

Emerging Markets

China targets the emerging market for textile and fabric products, such as in the production of medical textiles. This sector is significantly growing, and China is already exporting its products to European and American Market.  China has realized that the medical textile is in high demand in recent times as the world seeks to have better sterile and sanitized products. These products lower cases of the spread of infectious diseases. Chinese fabrics are expected to significantly contribute to filling this gap where the US forms the largest market for China.

Challenges Facing the Growth

According to government statistics, China fabric production grows at 7-8 percent annually. Despite the need for the growth of the textile and fabric industry, a major challenge is coming from the government. The technical textile industry is quoted as one of the most polluting sectors in China where control must be put in place to conserve the environment. The Chinese textile manufacturers are now seeking alternative productions that are environmentally friendly to ensure they escape the harsh regulations by the environmental regulatory bodies as well as the government.

Accelerated Research and Development

The government of China has started investing in research and development in the textile and fabric sector. Initially, the industry relied on what was done by other nations especially from the western countries. Despite the stagnating economic development, the government has indicated that it will use research to enhance innovation in the textile industry. Technology will form a major part of the intended research. One of the main areas will be multiaxial technical fabrics that have attracted both local producers. Demand for these products is expected to grow and thus there is a need to enhance its products through the innovation of better means of production.


China textile and fabric industry is likely to witness export growth as major steps are made. The government support will play a major role in realizing this dream. We are likely to start seeing Chinese fabrics in most parts of the world.

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