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How to Make Fabric Paint Show on Black Shirts

Black shirts never go out of style. Its simplicity and appeal, when worn, is enough to make outfits look cool and chic. According to, if you want to add color and design on your plain round neck shirt, why not paint on them? So, here are the ways on how you will make fabric paint standout with the blackness surrounding it.


First and foremost, let us talk about the things you need to create the best designed black shirt in your life. First, prepare the shirt. It does not need to be brand new. Even your worn-out top is enough since the color will show up more than using new ones.

Next are your fabric paints. Any color will do, but it is highly suggested to use white, fluorescent, or anything that contains glitters. Metallic paints are also a big yes to add that sparkle and shine.

Following it are the paintbrushes — no need to go crazy with it. It would help if you had your trusty paintbrush for painting (duh!). Then if you feel fancy, foam brushes can also be used as your primary tools for this activity. Others include pans to put the paint and paper towels to clean some paint.


Before anything else, wash your black shirt first. It is better to do it several times since, again, its faded color aids the paint to show more.

Following it, place the cardboard inside the top to avoid the paint possibly leaking to the back of it.

Lastly, make sure you have the idea or design printed so you will be able to imagine painting it better. Do not forget to place newspapers on your working table to avoid any big mess along the way.


Finally, you are going to paint the shirt! Paint the design you have in your head. If it is better for you, draw an outline or sample on it using a tailor’s chalk so it can be removed when putting it to laundry.

First, you may spray water in the clothing. This is so to be able to make the paint stick more when put on.

Next is to add the first layer of the paint. No need to get excited with the colors. Just one layer. Let it dry. If you are impatient, though, you may use a hairdryer with a hot setting turned on.

Then, add several layers of fabric paint with a time of letting it dry in between. The more the coat of paint there is, the more the design will stand out.

However, if you accidentally painted the wrong side of the shirt, let it dry and cover it with black paint. Re-do the color of the paint.


Once the painting is done, let it hang overnight so that the paint dries better. When you are about to wash it, turn it inside-out or hand wash it so the colors will not fade.

Final Thoughts

Here you go! Painting your black shirt using fabric paints is as easy as pie. Collect those materials right now and make the top clothing a freedom wall of your thoughts, ideas, or anything your mind wants to say.

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