Sofas and Recliners

Top Materials for Sofas and Recliners

Nothing beats the feeling of having a good rest after a hard day’s work. You then picture yourself sitting on a sofa or a reclining armchair for gaming from the comfort of your living room while watching your favorite television show. However, as you grow accustomed to your favorite furniture, you realize that it no longer provides you with the comfort that you expect. When you plan to buy a new recliner that gives everlasting comfort, you must take note of a few considerations, such as cost, form, size, and the materials used during production. The following materials may help you greatly in making the right decision:

  • Leather
  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Microfiber


The most commonly seen recliners in showrooms are leather chairs. Leather is a natural material that has a somewhat elastic texture, but it is very durable at the same time. Leather has seen a huge demand from furniture manufacturers because it provides unparalleled comfort and does not get stained easily if accidentally spilled with any type of liquid. Since leather covers are stretched and may have the tendency to get perforated easily, make sure to check the surface from time to time.


Linen is another natural material that is also used in armchairs. Although the process for incorporating linen during production mostly involves strenuous work, such material is among the most sought after raw ingredients in making sofas due to its strength and absorbing properties not found in any other material. Additionally, try to sit in a recliner with a linen padding on it when you get the chance, and you will notice that it gives off a cooling sensation when it touches your skin.


Cotton is among the popular types of materials used by sofa manufacturers because of its cooling properties and soft texture. However, you should keep in mind that cotton is not as reliable as leather and linen in terms of durability. If you find linen armchairs a bit expensive, you should consider purchasing a different one that is made of cotton.


Microfiber is a type of material that is also used in armchair manufacturing. The only thing that separates it from the previous three materials is it’s being synthetic, but rest assured that such information will not detract you from making your purchase decision. Microfiber has seen significant growth because it is sturdy as well. Another great benefit that microfiber features are that it does not get dirty right away, thus allowing you to dust off any clutter or scrub any stain with ease.

Take your time to visit the nearest furniture store in your area so that you can do a brief window shopping. In case you have a hard time deciding, have your partner or close friend tag along and aid you in weighing the pros and cons. When you browse thoroughly from a wide range of recliners and rank your options according to their level of comfort, you will surely make the right choice.

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