DIY Dog Toys

Easily-made DIY Dog Toys

Manufactured toys for dogs can only last for so long. They can be damaged from constantly chewed and played on. They can even be misplaced and never to be found again; therefore, you have to buy another new toy. You can find full review of best toys for your dog.

In order to save your money, you can utilize old, unused objects usually found at your home and create DIY dog toys. You will not have to worry about the constant damages since they are used goods anyway and you can still make another one without breaking the wallet. Here are some DIY projects you can apply:

Flirt Pole


Used by the human to play chase with the dog.

How to make:

Utilize a PVC pipe as a rod.

Attach a rope or bungee cord from the end part of the rod to the toy to be chased by the dog.

Secure the endpoint of the rope or cord by tying at the opposite end of the rod, running through the hole inside.

Plastic Bottle Toy


Used to be chewed on playfully with the encouragement of crunchy noises.

How to make:

Wrap a plastic bottle with a used fabric or sock.

Make sure the cloth or set of fabrics are thick enough not to be easily damaged with just a single bite.

Secure the endpoints by stitching it closed.

Rope and Tennis Ball Tug Toy


Play tug-of-war while securing some space in between you and the dog.

How to make:

Drill a hole through the tennis ball.

Insert a heavy-duty rope through the hole.

Make sure that the opening of the hole is not loose.

Tennis Ball Muffin Tin Puzzle


Create a puzzle for the dog’s mental stimulation.

How to make:

Prepare an unused muffin tray.

Insert some dog food as treats.

Cover the treats with tennis balls.

Braided T-Shirt Dog Toy


Used for a game of fetch or as a substitute to the rope for tug-of-war games.

How to make:

Recycle as many unused clothes as possible.

Cut them into thicker strips of cloth.

Bundle a select few with different colors.

Braid the strips and secure the knots on each side. If the purpose is intended for playing fetch, then the length is similar to that of a chewing bone toy. If the purpose is to substitute the rope in the tug-of-war, make it longer.

Simple Denim DIY Dog Toy


Used as something thick and soft for the dog to chew on.

How to make:

Prepare unused denim pants.

Cut a generous amount of thickness and length.

Form a simple knot.

The knotted part will serve as something chewable.


Playing with the dog is an important time for familiarization and building that stable connection. Spending time for fun can be done without spending much money on toys.

With just the availability of unused objects and some creative mindset, you can make your own dog toys without any worry of severe damages and being forced to buy another one. Additionally, if the damage is severe on the DIY dog toys, you can still make another easily.

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