Fiber Crafts For Garden And Homes

Fiber Crafts For Garden And Homes

Fall is fast approaching, and with it comes the festive season of Christmas. Gather around, DIY lovers, and use these ideas to decorate your garden and your homes! These two fiber crafts are very easy to make, and very affordable as well. They are fun projects to do with the family. If you want to get more, you can view a bunch of very well crafted statues of dogs here and use wherever you want.

Yarn-wrapped Pinecones

Yarn-wrapped pinecones make for colorful, cute miniature garden statues. They also look good inside the living room or dining area.

The main advantage of this project is that pinecones are easily available, and they bring a rustic outdoor quality into the home and an artistic natural flair into the garden. They are very portable, and appropriate for décor in any season. Incorporating yarn on pinecones transforms the rustic look into one filled with flair and fun.

This craft is relaxing, and requires minimal artistic talent and resources – with mind-blowing results! These are the materials you need:



You do not need a glue gun – only patience, concentration, and time. Take any color of yarn (you may choose different colors for a multi-colored effect), and wrap your pinecones. Begin at the pinecone’s base and systematically wrap the entire pinecone until you reach the top.

For a more aesthetic result, get similarly shaped pinecones, and similar sizes too. Try to select the most visually appealing pinecones.

Your yarn should not be too thick or it will be hard to cover the grooves of the pinecones. However, yarn that is too thin may take you a long time for the project. You may choose to experiment with yarns of different width before choosing your favorite. For this project, yarn 4-6 was adequate.

Your project is complete. Place these colorful garden statues at different places in your garden.

Modern Rainbow Wall Art

Are you a lover of rainbow motifs or neutral fiber art décor? From prints to pottery décor, this craft is simply irresistible and perfect in literally every room in the house!

For this project, you will need:

A cotton rope


22 gauge craft wire


Tapestry needle (with a bent tip)


Thread and stitching needle

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to create this:

Step One: Cut Your Cotton Rope Into 5 Bundles Of Equal Sizes.

Each bundle is a stripe of your rainbow.

Step Two: Wrap The Craft Wire On The Bundles.

The bundles should be stiff but pliable. Do not wrap the bottom fringe of the bundle. After wrapping a bundle, make it into an arc shape.

Step Three: Wrap Yarn On Each Bundle.

Begin with the same place as the wire. Tuck the wires tail inward the bundle, out of sight. When you reach the end, use the Tapestry needle to tuck the wire’s tail inside of the bundle. You may use alternate colors for a rainbow effect.

Step Four: Attach The Bundles Together

Use your thread and stitching needle to sew the bundles to each other. Make a double knot at the end of each bundle. Ensure that you stitch on the backside of the bundles, starting from the arcs.

Step Five: Cut The Fringe

Cut the fringe of the bundle. Comb it according to your desired shape.

Step Six: Hang Your Rainbow

Use a sturdy cord to attach your pieces to the wall. Tie a knot to make it more secure.

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