Creating Vinyl Decals

Creating Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals are useful for decorative purposes. The great thing about them is that you can create them by yourself by checking vinyl cutting machine comparisons. If you are planning to create vinyl decals, below are the following steps you need to follow.

Things You Need

  • Your design, wherein there will be at least 2 colors of high contrast and enough details; the simpler the design, the easier to cut it out
  • Vinyl cutting machines or for an alternative, X-Acto knives or sturdy box cutters
  • Cutting surface, to be able to cut cleanly and safely
  • Scotch tape
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Reliable transfer tape
  • Colored vinyl with adhesive-back


  • Preparing The Design

Any platform or method will do in creating the design. You can either use software or just through a free-hand drawing. If you prefer multiple layered designs, then you need to be more creative on your methods since transferring it to vinyl is the main point of this project.

  • Selecting The Vinyl And Securing The Design’s Image

Once you have the design, cut the vinyl to measurements that are a half-inch larger than the design dimensions. If you are going to tape the design template to the vinyl, make sure you cut out the empty spaces on your template.

For example, if your design is a letter ‘O’, then cut the space inside the letter before taping it to the vinyl. Not doing so can lead to unnecessary movement of the paper template while cutting the vinyl.

  • Cutting The Vinyl

This is the most crucial part. If you think that smaller designs can be done faster than larger ones, then you probably underestimated their difficulty level. Smaller designs tend to have smaller details, which makes cutting much trickier.

In cutting the vinyl, it is important to start with the inner designs and then proceed outward. Cut deeply so that the blade can penetrate your paper template towards the vinyl. You can use guiding tools such as a steel rule in cutting and if ever you make a mistake, you can try again after repairing the cut surface.

  • Picking The Traced Cuts

After cutting, the vinyl will not just fall off. You need to pick the traced patterns using tweezers. But first, you need to remove the paper template and see to it the traced cuts are according to the design outlines.

In picking the vinyl, make sure to look for the correct cuts. There may be repairs done and so, you must be careful not to include the wrong cuts. Start with the outer portions when picking and work your way inward. Fine-trim the edges after you’ve picked up the vinyl.

  • Adding The Transfer Tape and Trim

Now that the vinyl design is picked up, you will be now transferring it to the decal. Before you apply the tape, the decal has to be flat. To counter the static electricity, when rolling the tape, start at a certain end and roll slowly down.

Avoid creating wrinkles and frequent re-applying of the tape as much as possible. After the tape is completely rolled down, trim a half-inch portion from the decal for easier decal placement.

  • Applying To Surface

When applying, have the surface thoroughly clean at first. Basically, you are just applying a well-design sticker and most of the problem is the formation of bubbles. They can be flattened through using any tool but be careful not to puncture the bubbles.


Creating vinyl decals may be a bit tasking at first but once you get to familiarize yourself with cutting techniques, then you may be fit to start a sticker business. Removing vinyl decals are also not that difficult since there are special cleaners that you can use.

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