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Transforming Photos Into Art

Transforming Photos Into Art

Do you ever feel like you want to do more than just take photographs? Are you unsatisfied with merely clicking the shutter of your camera and producing ordinary pictures? Do you want your photographs turned into digital photos that resemble art? Sure, you should get More information because not everyone has the talent of an artist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create meaningful art.
With this article, you will learn to do just that. This instructional guide includes artistic ideas as well as creative methods even a photographer can easily use regardless of whether or not equipped …

Dragon Ball Z Art

Dragon Ball Z Art: Models of Goku Black’s Best 1990s Look

Currently, there are numerous Dragon ball Z art products like cool dbz hoodies that excite many people. One of the most common models is called Goku Black. However, there are no 1990s versions of this product. Dragon ball lovers have always expressed their varied opinions on how they find the art style. As a result, they have provided an immense contribution to the Dragon ball franchise who has reviewed their series exploiting varying types of animations where some are more famous than others.
Courtesy of one fan, the internet community has gotten a taste of what Goku Black might have …

Art Studio

How to Clean Your Art Studio

Your art studio is a place where you produce your well-crafted artworks. That said, you’ll need a clear and peaceful mind for that. However, it would be hard to achieve if your art studio is very unorganized and untidy. That’s why maidjustright suggest to include cleaning your art studio on your next general house cleaning session.
Here are some ways to help you:
An unorganized studio has several disadvantages such as the difficulty to find necessary things and hindered creativeness. Therefore, you need to reorganize your things to avoid such situations. You…

Artist Turns Mold and Bacteria Inspiration

Artist Turns Mold and Bacteria Inspiration into Unique Art Pieces

You wouldn’t believe that an artist from Bristol, England would be inspired by re-creating petri dishes that are filled with mold and bacteria. Most people comes to are reluctant to see such things, but Elin Thomas sees the beauty in the mundane. She has been through a lot of art exhibitions starting from the early 2000s and these unique art pieces that she offers today made her recognized once again.
Her techniques in making this wonderful petri dish art involve crocheting, felting, and embroidery. The unique art pieces are carefully placed in a cute eight-inch …

Fish Crafts for Kids

Fun Fish Crafts for Kids

It’s summertime, and the best way to spend your summer is by taking your family on a nice little boat trip to the sea. It will be great to buy 6 Best Spinning Reels for Bass 2019 (UPDATED) – Tested & Reviewed for your kids. But if your little one isn’t old enough yet to handle real fishing equipment, why not make a little kiddy version of real rods and tackles?
Here are some cool ideas for your fish craft project. Always remember to guide your kids when using scissors and cutters. If you can, do the cutting yourself and leave the coloring to the …

Decor DIY

DIY CBD Oil You Can Do At Home

CBD Oil is extracted from cannabis and has a lot of benefits apart from being used as cooking oil. Many people are curious about how to prepare it at home, but it involves a very simple procedure. So they used to buy CBD oil for personal use.
Different Methods Of Preparing CBD Oil At Home
The following are the two methods you can follow in preparing home-made CBD oil:
Oil Method
The oil method requires you to have a carrier oil in the preparation of the CBD oil. The carrier oil can either be olive or coconut oil. This method requires you to use high-quality cannabis plant to get the best quality of CBD oil…

Clothes Out of Marijuana

Making Clothes Out of Marijuana

Most people don’t know that marijuana can be put into good use. Many Brands like are very well aware about that and doing continuous research on it. For a long period of time, the plant has been portrayed to be destructive to humanity. However, the marijuana plant can be put into good use in the manufacture of clothes. Many years have passed by without getting a material that can make strong and long lasting clothes. Well, marijuana is the remedy to the query. Marijuana is natural and doesn’t need a lot of work to make different types of clothes. The clothes made …

Own T-Shirt

Simple Tips when Designing Your Own T-Shirt

Aside from being a fun activity that challenges your creative skills, designing your own custom t shirts can also save you a lot of money or even help you earn some if you decided to sell them out. Whatever your choice is between printing your t-shirt and sending it to a professional instead, you can still create a design even if you are home.
Planning a Design Layout
When planning your preferred design layout, the first thing you should think about is what your design will be going to represent. It may be a band, your favorite team from your favorite sports, or even your favorite artist…

Make Money from Your Crafts
Fibre Crafts DIY

How to Make Money from Your Crafts While Studying at the Same Time

Do you loathe your schooling period because you are always without money? Do not worry. There are plenty of activities you can do to make some cash for your studies. Something like organizing a student tours is one of the best way to make some extra cash. Arguably, the time spent in school is the most critical period in your life. Unfortunately, the chances of being broke in this time are very high.
Although your parents can support you financially, they cannot possibly meet all your needs. Furthermore, for many, it is bothersome to be borrowing money for everything. Almost …

Decor DIY

DIY Faux Latch Wall Hanging

I love to craft with yarns. Every day, I always challenge myself to find different ways to craft with yarns. This method for a home DIY tip faux latch wall hanging was made because of my desire to make a latch hook piece. But as I think of the time it would take to hook and loop each thread, I know it will not work for me. So instead, I made tassels.

Chunky yarn (any color)
Pair of scissors
Glue gun
Round wood surface (unfinished)


Make tassels. Make your tassels short so that they look like individual strands. Wrap the yarn around your fingers …


Big Reasons Why You Should Have a Website for Your Craft Business

If you own a business in this age and time, it is a necessity that you create a website or an online shop where customers can interact with your business at the comfort of their homes. If you lack an online shop, you are most likely losing a couple of sales and customers.
The craft business is not an exception when it comes to having a hosted website or an online shop. So if you are up to the task, there are a couple of web hosting services that will help you create your craft business website.
•    Dream Host
This is one of the greatest web hosting services that can …

Decor DIY

DIY Fiber Art

I am very thrilled to share with you today’s post. I previously shared pictures of our bedroom which looked rough, but in the last few months, we have made lots of changes. I decided to go for a low-key interior with a neutral vibe. I also want to decorate the room in an unconventional way using a lot of texture.
I want to add a piece of art above our bed and I was looking at different options. I decided to go for a heart marquee with glitters, but as I was browsing a Jonathan Alder book, I found a beautiful tassel art.

Fibre Crafts DIY

DIY Chunky Knit Blanket Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will give you easy steps to follow in making your own chunky knitted blanket. This tutorial is perfect for beginners who do not know how to knit.
I am sure you have seen these beautiful and inviting chunky knit blankets around recliners of friends homes. These chunky knit blankets quickly won the hearts of many home decor lovers. You can see them everywhere. However, these chunky knitted blankets end up to be so expensive, and I would not even think of paying $200-$400 for a blanket. So, I decided to make my own chunky knitted blanket.